Why Apple removes all sugar daddy dating apps?

Reasons of Why Sugar Daddy Dating Apps Are Removed From Apple StoreAll sugar daddy dating apps were removed by apple store due to the new bills signed by Donald Trump after Seeking Arrangement App blocked in China WWW.SUGARBABYWEBSITESFREE.COM

After Seeking Arrangements was blocked in China, Apple removed all sugar daddy dating apps in the wake of the FOSTA -SESTA Bills signed by U.S President Donald Trump On April 11, 2018. These bills enable law enforcement authorities to pursue sites that promote prostitution and sex trafficking online. It was regarded as a victory for victims but much consternation and confusion still exists elsewhere on the worldwide. 

After the bill was signed, Apple sends founders of sugar daddy apps a message through its message center, claims that sugar daddy apps are being evaluated because it’s possible to violate it’s safety 1.1 clause that stipulates apps would be removed if its content is considered as offensive and objectionable.

Craigslist stopped running its personals section even though it doesn’t matter with sugar baby dating or sugar daddy dating(Craigslist doesn’t want to be bothered due to Fosta-Sesta bills that claim sites which facilitate prostitution will be penalized.

Either sugar daddy apps or sugar baby websites are great platforms for attractive women finding their ideal rich successful men, there has been a lot of debate over the years. Some people felt those sugar baby websites are promoting prostitution, various entities have tried to shut them down. Other voices believe that if so would jeopardize the freedom of the internet, even most sugar daddy websites or apps strictly prohibit illegal activities. How do you think about it?

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