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What is a sugar daddy? How does the relationship work, and is a sugar baby the same as an escort?

Here’s what you need to know about it

Sugar Daddy, the so-called Successful Member, is a modern rich and successful gentleman with refined taste, exceptional experiences, and abundant resources who is looking for someone to share his extraordinary life. He is interested in sugar lifestyle and creates a meaningful relationship with beautiful and attractive young ladies. He’s often a businessman, who considers himself too busy for conventional dating – and isn’t short of a few bobs. Actually, it’s wrong to regard sugar daddy as a millionaire or billionaire, what we called sugar daddy is gentlemen who are willing to pamper sugar babies and satisfy their demands. 

A sugar baby, meanwhile, is usually an attractive younger woman who can’t afford her luxury lifestyle or just needs financial support. She may be a college student, divorced mother who needs someone to support her tuition, rents, bills, luxurious gifts, etc. Beautiful sugar babies would like to be his companion, girlfriend or even wife so that both parties get what they want – what we called mutually beneficial relationships. The couple will usually establish a financial agreement early on – as well as their boundaries, such as whether or not they’re considering a sexual relationship. Some sugar babies ask for a monthly allowance while others get ‘expenses’ in the form of glam holidays and shopping sprees.Collapse

While a growing number of sugar babies are university students, who turn to their ‘daddy’ to pay their fees. According to Seeking Arrangements, the average sugar daddy is 45 years old – and earns a salary of £176,000. While the average sugar baby rakes in £2,300-a-month ($3,300), making a comfortable annual ‘salary’ of £20,930 ($29,600). It is so popular a Sugar Baby Summit held on April 13 in New York,   which have been held in London last year.

secret arrangements
secret arrangements

Thousands of sugar daddy websites are designed to cater to rich and attractive members’ needs.

The website described the event as: “Whether you need help getting a Sugar Daddy or you want to make new friends, Sugar Dating Site has you covered! That’s why so many sugar babies flood into sugar daddy websites to make money. “

A range of lecturers and panels, including on subjects such as ‘Kink 101’, ‘Understanding sexuality in the #Metoo era,’ sugar dating advice provided and ‘Let’s talk money’ were held.

Former Love Island star Megan Barton-Hanson had a sugar daddy before she was on the show, and sources revealed she lived a very lavish lifestyle because of it.

The star owned a Range Rover Evoque, a posh pad in St Katherine’s Dock, and “all the designer gear in the world.”


“You can start with sugar baby/sugar daddy exclusive apps and websites such as SugarDaddyMeetSeeking, SugarDaddy, SugarDaddyForMe, SugarDaddieSugarDaddyOnlineSecretBenefits and so on. There are thousands of sugar daddy websites on the web, each one offers its unique features, different sites serving different countries and different relationships(sugar daddy/baby, sugar momma/ sugar gay). To have a comprehensive understanding of those dating sites, you can choose to read some review sites which usually pick up the best sugar daddy websites or the top sugar daddy active cities in the world, and pick one or more for a trail. You can always make sure that you are looking for a short-term financially beneficial relationship, as not to waste anyone’s time. If you are seeking a rich man for serious relationships, a millionaire matchmaker may be suitable for you. If you are looking for casual dating, Tinder, EliteSingles, Match can do your favor”

Millionaire Match
Millionaire Match

Is a sugar baby the same as an escort?

There has been lots of debate over the years about whether sugar daddy websites are escort service. Many people regard sugar babies as escort or prostitute, and sugar dating sites are considered as promoting prostitution. Sugar babies sometimes get bad press, mainly because of the issue of sex – and how it’s tied up in the financial relationship. But sugar babies insist they’re not the same as a prostitute or escort, and there is the truth.

The key difference is that a sugar daddy relationship is a regular arrangement. While an escort might be hired for the night, or as a one-off to attend a fancy event, a sugar baby would be meeting her daddy several times a month. Although unconventional, the sugar baby set-up is a relationship of sorts – meaning the women are very different from a call girl, no matter how high end.

Is a sugar baby relationship safe?

Those behind sites like Seeking Arrangement, What’s Your Price, Sugar Daddie, and Rich Meet Beautiful insist it is safe – but how much truth is there in that?

Licensed prostitute Alex Page, from Nevada, where brothels are legal, has warned ladies against using “unsafe” sugar baby sites – after being grabbed by the hair and forced to have sex with her date.

One concern is that sugar babies can be asked to meet at their daddy’s home or a hotel room.

Others worry that a man, having not only paid for the dates but extra expenses as well, would be more likely to expect sex.

So there are some risks involved, and a sugar baby needs to be clear on her boundaries before entering into a relationship. If sex is off the cards, make sure you’re only meeting in public places – like a restaurant, cafe, park.

Sugar Daddy Meet Mobile
Sugar Daddy Meet Mobile


According to real sugar babies, “How much I make ranges from time to time, sugar daddies come and go all the time, though some are constant. Some give me ‘allowances’ (by this I mean, I receive a fixed amount every week) and some pay by date (by this I mean, I only get paid when we meet up in person.) At the moment, I have two daddies, one with each kind of payment method. In a good month, I get about $800 (around £560), if I’m busy and I can’t pay as much attention to [them] as I would like, I get about $200-$300 (£140-£210). Again, these numbers vary widely depending on how devoted I am at that time and how often I can go out.”


“I would suggest maybe going out and hitting on older gentlemen, the same way you might go out to find a boyfriend. You’ll have to lay on the charm, and when they’re interested in you, drop the subtle hints that you have ‘bills to pay and need a little help’ or you ‘work so much and wish you could have some help.’ (It might be a little cringe to pretend to be helpless, but if your heart is into it, then you got this!) Always be careful and wary of whom you trust, whether in real life or on the internet. I know some sugar babies who do this, and it might take some time, but the payoff is always right. Maybe get their number or some form of contact info first, and let them agree to help out financially before going on dates or doing more ‘mature’ things. There’s no rush when it’s your safety.”

sugar daddy application
sugar daddy application


“If you download a sugar daddy app for finding and meeting sugar daddies, you should just put it in your bio that you are looking for a relationship without sex. Of course, it might take a little more patience for someone to slide into your messages, but patience is vital! Another strategy that would work but might make a little more effort is that, when you search for daddies, look for some that are far from your location, like at least a state away.

“When you message them, ask if they’re willing to pay for pictures. Since they are far, meeting up is not an easy option, and if you don’t meet up, you don’t have to have sex. (And in this scenario, you don’t have to explain that you aren’t looking for sex.) Worst case scenario, they’ll want to video chat, but it’s not so bad compared to the other options, in my opinion. Ask if they have a PayPal or Venmo or some other form of virtual payment like this, never give out your bank password or any private banking info! Ask for payment first before sending pictures, any decent sugar daddy will understand.”

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